Ozone Air Cleaning

Our intensive ozone treatment is a simple technology inspired by nature, free of toxic synthetic chemicals.


Our intensive ozone treatment is a simple technology inspired by nature, free of toxic synthetic chemicals. Ozone, or trioxygen, sometimes also called activated oxygen, is a powerful natural oxidizer. It works at the molecular level to rid your home, office, hotel, boat, etc. from mold and mildew, in the process eradicating the accompanying smell.

The intensive ozone treatment doesn’t cover up the problem, just bleaching the surface stains and masking the smells, like other mold and mildew treatments do. It eliminates the organisms at the root of the problem as well as the aromatic molecules they generate, leaving no chemical residue.


Our trained staff use a state-of-the-art latest-generation ozone generator to quickly produce ozone at high concentrations from the oxygen present in the air of the treated premises.

As ozone is the most effective oxidizer and disinfectant, while totally safe after the treatment is done, it is harmful to living organisms when at high concentrations. Therefore we ask you to vacate the premises to be treated for 24 hours, taking away all pets, while we remove your indoor plants because ozone can affect their development.

Thus we make sure all of the ozone turns back to oxygen before you return to your deodorized, purified and disinfected premises. Please visit our FAQ page for a detailed explanation about the technology and its wide range of applications.


Ozone is an unstable molecule consisting of three atoms of oxygen.

Because of its high oxidation power, ozone, also called trioxygen, has the ability to effectively attack and destroy mold, bacteria and even viruses. It readily occurs in nature, with highest natural concentrations during thunderstorms.

It can be used for a wide variety of applications when generated on the spot with specialized equipment, because it has very short life before converting into pure oxygen.


In these applications the generated ozone basically tears up the cell walls of the unwanted organisms through the process of oxidation.

It also interacts with aromatic molecules at the molecular level, essentially converting them in non-aromatic and thus neutralizes unpleasant smells. Being highly effective in disinfecting (up to 96%) ozone is in fact a green solution with a tremendous range of applications.

It is routinely utilized for the purification and sanitation of drinking water, and it is used even by hospitals for disinfection of their surgical rooms.

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